Art Alive 2018 Rotunda Designers

Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz, wife-and-husband team, have been named one of the most exciting and daring floral designers in America. Natasha and Daniel have become widely recognized for their larger-than-life floral installations, architectural design style, and innovative use of materials.

Originally trained as an engineer, Natasha began her floral career by studying Japanese Ikebana floral design, and developed her own style fusing Eastern and Western design principles, often referred to as “exuberant Ikebana.” She founded Waterlily Pond Design Studio in San Francisco in 2001 and grew it into one of the most sought-after sources for floral installations, weddings and special events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Waterlily Pond studio has created flowers and décor for over 1000 events.

Daniel holds a degree in architecture and in addition to his work in floral art, is a practicing furniture designer. His background in architecture and fabrication is an invaluable asset in the creation of the large-scale floral art, analyzing space, engineering structures, and constructing structures.

Natasha’s floral palate tells a lush, vivacious, and textural story, while Daniel’s unique construction techniques and structured forms highlight the essence of materials in their work largely inspired by modern art and architecture.


Natasha and Daniel have been commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art, the de Young Museum and many other prominent cultural organizations to create large-scale floral art installations, some of them up to 1000 pounds in weight.

Their work has been featured in many US and International publications including Fusion Flowers magazine, international wedding design book Florever Wherever, International Floral Art book 2012-13, and Natasha’s own monograph book — Exuberant Floral Art published by Stichting Kunstboek in Belgium.

Natasha and Daniel presented floral artworks, demonstrations, and workshops across the USA and internationally, including San Francisco Bouquets to Art and AIFD National Symposiums in the U.S.A, Iberiada in Mexico City, 3-Days of Top Floral Design in Moscow, International Floral Workshop in Colombia, World Flower Show in Japan, and in Singapore Garden Festival 2016 where they won Gold medal and Best in Show. Most recently, they won 1st prize in the Floral Festival in Cordoba Spain for their floral art installation.

We are so thrilled to have them be a part of Art Alive 2018!


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