Art Alive 2020 Rotunda Designer

Beth O’Reilly 

Beth O’Reilly AIFD, TMF, is an internationally known floral artist currently residing in Houston, Texas. She has spent the last 25 years of her career in the floral business with extensive experience in many aspects of the industry. Her floral work aims to connect viewers to the natural world in unexpected ways, beckoning a closer look at ourselves and nature and how they relate. She sees flowers as the perfect metaphor for our own human condition— ephemeral, yet strong and sustaining. She has a BFA in sculpture and her true passion is to elevate the art of floral design to that of fine art.

Committed to the highest quality and standards in the industry as well as the advancement of floral design around the world, she currently serves as the director of Education and Merchandise for Greenleaf Flower Growers and Distributors. Her career path has led to travel abroad doing product development and developing or researching design trends for a permanent botanical manufacturer in China. Recently, she managed a flower wholesale branch, heading up a new division, where she honed her skills on the logistics, growing, and procurement side. She also worked in retail, and in floral design for wedding and events for many years.

Flowers have been integral in teaching her about life and the beauty of nature. She has worked on many exciting large-scale events, handling everything from the fine details to complete event direction and coordination. Through her experience she has seen the wonders that can be created with flowers and one thing remains constant, she is humbled by being able to touch people’s lives with flowers. Flowers heal the soul and remind us of how fragile life is. 

She is a Certified Texas Master Florist (TMF) and an accredited member of The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD), one of the most prestigious floral design organizations in the world. She has served on industry organization boards such as South Central AIFD Past President and Wholesale Director for Houston Allied Florists’ Association. She has presented numerous hands-on workshops and floral education seminars around the United States and Canada with a well-known reputation for excellence in design techniques and trends. As an educator, she has created a series of tutorial design videos and programs. 

We are so thrilled to have her be a part of Art Alive 2020!

Rotunda Designer Sponsor

Sketch of Art Alive Rotunda Design