Rotunda Floral Installation
by Beth O’Reilly

“Botanical Graffiti”

Art Alive Rotunda Designer Beth O'Reilly's sketch of the Art Alive 2021 floral installation.
A sketch of the Art Alive 2021 Rotunda installation

“Botanical Graffiti” is a contemporary floral installation so vivid it sits on the edge of reality. Floral Artist Beth O’Reilly uses bright colors, bold shapes, and color blocking with both fresh and preserved materials to create an atmosphere of botanical bliss. “Botanical Graffiti” takes us on an immersive floral journey intended to celebrate the beauty of healing during a time of global crisis. The sweeping, undulating, and larger-than-life installation is meant to be lighthearted and fun, allowing viewers to experience a sense of warmth and safety in the radiant display. It also invites visitors to experience the Museum’s beloved space with a fresh perspective. Brightly colored plumes dance alongside perfectly natural petals. “Botanical Graffiti” becomes “Art Alive,” connecting and reconnecting our roots while taking us into the future all at the same time. It is a tribute, it is an escape, and it is a reminder that while our new reality may have shifted, we can still find hope and delight in both the temporary and lasting remnants of our experiences. 

Floral Artist Beth O’Reilly recently competed on “Full Bloom,” an HBO Max original series where top florists from around the country create larger-than-life floral installations. She is an internationally recognized floral artist and educator with a passion for connecting people with a love for flowers. Her business, Flower the Moment, offers floral services from events and scaled installations to consulting, private classes, and more. She believes flowers offer an incredible source of inspiration and joy for everyone who experiences them. 


We are so thrilled to have her be part of
Art Alive 2021!

Photos courtesy of HBO Max

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