Carlos Franco is an award-winning floral designer whose passion for transforming living flowers into extraordinary creations embodies the spirit of Art Alive at The San Diego Museum of Art. FloraMorphic: A Sky of Colors will be Franco’s fourth installation of the highly anticipated Art Alive rotunda design. Guests can expect to enter a “surrealist dream of sunrise and sunset” with an immersive installation that will begin outside the Museum’s front doors and travel to the second floor rotunda.

Imagine if you will, someone has poured a paint can into the Museum. Orange, red, and yellow paint falling from the atrium above, splashing onto the fountain, splattering on the ceilings, down the walls, out onto the front steps. Guests will be immersed in the installation with the fragrance of flowers, accompanying audio, and washes of color that will gently change throughout the day.

As a student of floral design, Franco ventured to London and Paris to seek inspiration and experience, and returned to San Diego in 2002 to pursue his passion and open his own store—Green Fresh Florals. Under his vision and leadership, Green Fresh Florals has become an oasis of design, creativity, and originality, and the premier floral design resource for San Diego. Franco’s clients are his co-creators who inspire him daily to compose unique floral interpretations that reflect the spirit of their imagination.

Carlos Franco’s rotunda design for Art Alive 2014.

Support for the Art Alive 2017 rotunda design provided by Sheryl and Harvey White.