Welcome to The San Diego Museum of Art.

The San Diego Museum of Art has 20 galleries, which feature art from around the world. We have more than 20,000 works in our permanent collection and regularly provide access to extraordinary works of art on loan from other prominent museums and private collections.

To help provide easy access to the many works on view, and to help minimize crowding around exhibition wall text in the Museum, below are PDFs of exhibition text detailing insights on each of the works currently on view at the Museum.

We are a bilingual museum and you will find all our exhibition label texts are in English and Spanish.

Gallery Exhibition Labels

1-3 / Art of the Americas

4-5 / Masters of Photography: The Garner Collection (Coming soon)

6 / Of Sea and Sand: California Paintings

7, 8 / Art of East Asia

9, 10 / Visible Vaults

11 / German Expressionism

12 / Pearls from the Ocean of Contentment

12, 13S / Modern and Contemporary Art

12N / Arts of South and Southeast Asia

13N / Arts of Iran

14, 15 / Disestablishment: Photographs by John Mireles

Lower Rotunda / Permanent Collection featuring Gabrielle Münter

Upper Rotunda / Permanent Collection featuring European Art

16 / Art of Devotion

17 / Art of the Portrait

18 / Renaissance to Realism

19 / Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

20 / A Dogon Figure from Mali: Bridge to the Spirit World