Student Art Workshops

Observe, Interpret, and Create

For Students Grades 3–8

Student Art Workshops are now available online. Registrants will receive a digital package with everything needed for an art experience from a distance.

  • Maximum of 40 students
  • Offered October through June
  • Free of charge
  • Must be requested online at least two weeks in advance

These FREE in-depth workshops provide an opportunity for students to pair the processes of observing and interpreting art from the Museum Galleries with the exploratory process of creating art in workshops led by our Museum Educators.

The digital experience will take about 90 minutes include time for art making and reflection.

Students will:

  • Learn to think critically about how to look at, and interpret art
  • Make connections between the artworks on display in the museum and the art they individually create
  • Explore ideas and processes derived from formal art practices
  • Engage in creative expression and create art

Workshop Options:

Persian Tiles

Grades 3–8

Students will learn about Central & South Asian ceramics and traditional motifs by creating their own Persian Tiles.


Botanical Still Life

Grades 3–8

Students will learn about trends in still life & landscape painting by creating a botanical study watercolor painting.


Color and Form

Grades 6–8

Students will investigate form, shape, color and texture by creating an abstract acrylic painting.


Chinese Brush Painting

Grades 6–8

Students will learn about the history and practice of Chinese brush painting through the exploration of line, value and form by using calligraphy brushes, ink stones & rice paper.


Bus Transportation for Title One Schools

Financial assistance for bus transportation for school visits to the Museum for K-12 Docent Guided tours or Student Art Workshops is available to Title One schools under the following requirements:

  • Assistance is in the form of reimbursement to the school for bus transportation costs
  • Reimbursement must be applied for and approved by the Museum prior to the date the tour takes place
  • Assistance is available only to Title One schools located within San Diego County
  • Tour or workshop arrangements must be made least three weeks in advance
  • A letter from the school’s Principal stating Title One status must accompany the application. Please email to or fax to 619.232.9367 or mail to POB 122107, San Diego, CA 92112-2107
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • An invoice billing the Museum for the cost of bus transportation must be submitted to the Museum within 60 days after the completion of your trip