May 31, 2017

Myths, Angels & Masquerades: Exploring European Art


Discover the fascinating world of European Art! This publication – the first in The San Diego Museum of Art’s Art Unframed series – is geared towards young readers and families and explores themes including religious art, landscapes, still-life painting, and portraiture through forty-seven works of art from the collection of The Museum.

Interactive features like gate folds, stickers, and fun drawing exercises provide opportunities for further investigation, while “Your Turn” activities invite you to try your own hand at creating art inspired by the work of past great masters.

NOTE: Art Unframed is an exciting new series from The San Diego Museum of Art. This series is designed to guide children and families toward a deeper understanding of important artists, ideas, and traditions in the history of art through the Museum’s Permanent Collection.

Hardcover, with gate folds and inserts. 104 pages. Preview it here.

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