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What is expected of Floral Designers who participate in Art Alive?

Art Alive is a three-day fundraiser bringing to life the Museum with floral interpretations of the art on view. The 100+ floral designers who participate each year are at the heart of the Museum’s transformation. If you decide to become a floral designer, you are expected to be available for Selection and Installation Day and comply to all of the rules and guidelines delineated by the Museum. A proxy may take your place if necessary.

How is the artwork selected for Art Alive?

The Art Alive floral designer liaison and a member of the Museum’s registration team are responsible for picking out the artwork that is available for interpretation. Only pieces from the Museum’s permanent collection may be used, unless special permission is acquired to use artwork on loan. The Museum staff takes into account the size of the artwork, distance from the gallery entrance, and distance from other pieces being interpreted.

How do I become an Art Alive floral designer?

In order to become an Art Alive Floral Designer, you must fill out the First-Time Application Form. Click HERE to apply! Your application will be reviewed by the Floral Designer Committee and we will let you know of their decision soon thereafter. Quick tip – we are looking for a combination of talent and creativity.

Do floral designers have to apply every year to participate in Art Alive?

No. Once you are a floral designer for Art Alive, you are automatically authorized to participate each year. Floral Designers must, however, fill out a form each year in order to confirm they participation. First time floral designers must submit both the First-Time Application and Yearly Application in order to take part.

What are the benefits of participating in Art Alive as a Floral Designer?

Aside from the fun of working with the Museum, and sharing great experiences with other talented floral designers, you will also receive four tickets for the Art Alive exhibition, and one ticket for the Bloom Bash opening party. Legacy designers receive two tickets for Bloom Bash.

What are Legacy Designers?

Legacy Designers comprise of a group of particularly dedicated floral designers who receive special recognition for their continuous support of Art Alive. Floral Designers are invited to apply to be a Legacy Designer each winter. In addition to meeting several requirements—applicants are asked to describe why they feel they deserve the Legacy Designer distinction. The Floral Designer Liaison and other SDMA staff make the final decision as to who will be listed as a Legacy Designer.

What is the Members' Choice Award?

Members of the Museum have the opportunity to vote for their favorite design during the Members’ Preview.

Are there other ways to become involved in Art Alive?

Yes. Volunteer! We couldn’t bring the Museum to life without our valued volunteers. There are a variety of different volunteer opportunities throughout the three-day event. Visit our Volunteer page for more information.