Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Art Alive from anywhere with special online Out of the Vault floral interpretations.

Enjoy floral interpretations of works of art from the Museum collection not currently on view. These works reside in the Museum vaults and are brought to life for you online through the universal language of flowers.

Thanks to the talented floral designers who created these beautiful interpretations and are extending the joy of Art Alive online. Welcome to Virtual Art Alive 2021 Out of the Vault.

Still-life with Peach by Raphaelle Peale interpreted by Abigail Allen

Materials Used: Lilies, roses, pincushions, nasturtium, alstromeria, geranium, magnolia, kumquat, apricots, and grapevine.
SDMA Collection: Raphaelle Peale, Still-life with Peach, ca. 1816. Oil on panel. Museum purchase through the Earle W. Grant Acquisition Fund, 1981.38.2.

Class, Olympic High Diving Champion Marjorie Gestring, 1936 by John Gutmann interpreted by Nancy Hagan Baldwin, Bridge and Bay Garden Club of Coronado

Materials Used: Orchids, asparagus fern, dusty miller, couch springs, and weathered wood.
SDMA Collection: John Gutmann, Class, Olympic High Diving Champion Marjorie Gestring, 1936, 1936. Gelatin silver print. Gift of Joseph and Elaine Monsen, 2009.136.

Couple Dancing by Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes interpreted by Anna Bettencourt, Fibonacci Designs

Materials Used: Flat cane, nasturtium, and annenome.
SDMA Collection: Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, Couple Dancing, undated. Ceramic. Museum purchase, 1946.47.d.

Pink Shell with Seaweed by Georgia O’Keeffe interpreted by Eileen Bogard, Jasmine Creek Florist

Materials Used: The shoreline includes clear ornament balls filled with aqua beads and water with blue eryngium, and the green uses the eryngium leaf. The pink shell is made using pink lilies, roses, spray roses, alstroemerias, hydrangeas, and mini carnations.
SDMA Collection: Georgia O’Keeffe (AKA Georgia Totto O’Keeffe), Pink Shell with Seaweed, ca. 1938. Pastel on board. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Norton S. Walbridge, 1978.88.

The Specter Watches Over Her by Paul Gauguin interpreted by Judi Bowes

Materials Used: Grapewood, roses, wire, ceramic container, burlap fabric
SDMA Collection: Paul Gauguin, The Specter Watches Over Her, 1893–1894. Woodcut. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Irving T. Snyder, 1949.17.

Henry Moore by Arnold Newman interpreted by Yuriko Caldwell, Ikebana International San Diego

Materials Used: Pumice, dried palm bark, protea, soliago, and rattlesnake calathea lancifolia.
SDMA Collection: Arnold Newman, Henry Moore, 1978. Gelatin silver print. Gift of Jordan Finn, 2008.29.

Still-life by Pablo Picasso interpreted by Kat Castagnoli, AIFD, CCF

Materials Used: Midollino wrapped with black and beige wool, dried mini fan palms partially painted black and accented with washi tape. Flowers are black mini calla lilies, dark ranunculus, and tan-colored strawflowers.
SDMA Collection:
Pablo Picasso (AKA Pablo Ruiz y Picasso), Still-life, 1924. Woodcut. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Messenger in memory of Dr. Reginald Poland, 1976.27.

Vase with floral design interpreted by Patricia Clevenger, Florals by Patricia

Materials Used: The background is a metal vase that resembles the container. Fresh flowers include “peony” tulips and veronica.
SDMA Collection: Vase with floral design, Japan, late 19th century. Cloisonné. Gift of Mrs. Audrienne Moseley, 1979.111.

Dragon Robe interpreted by Melissa Cummings, Petals by the Beach

Materials Used: Orchids, solid aster, thistle, and amaranthus.
SDMA Collection: Dragon Robe, China, early 19th century. Silk. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meyer, 1935.103.

Untitled by Sam Gilliam, Jr., interpreted by Adrianna Duran-Leon, AIFD

Materials Used: Spider mums, roses, deconstructed sunflower, carnations, gerbera daisies, red and pink alstroemeria, craspedia, spray roses, deconstructed ruscus greenery, gunni greens, aspidistra leaves, and lily grass blade.
SDMA Collection: Sam Gilliam, Jr., Untitled, 2001. Screenprint. Gift of Estelle and Martin Karlin, 2008.239.

Nakatani Tsuru Seated Before the Dressing Stand (or Woman in loose summer yukata) by Hashiguchi Goyo interpreted by Sue Elsayah

Materials Used: Blue and white hydrangeas, pussy willow, succulents, and black leaf.
SDMA Collection: Hashiguchi Goyo, Nakatani Tsuru Seated Before the Dressing Stand (or Woman in loose summer yukata), 1920. Woodblock. Gift of Mrs. Clark M. Cavenee, 1946.29.36.

Plate by Hamada Shoji interpreted by Jeff Fine, Ikebana International, San Diego Chapter

Materials Used: Cymbidium orchid, kiwi vine, and palm tree sheaths.
SDMA Collection: Hamada Shoji, Plate, undated. Stoneware. Gift of Isamu Kawaguchi, 2002.110.

Decorative Pendant (with stand) interpreted by Apua Garbutt, Independent, Apua Designs

Materials Used: Snow white medium and large phalaenopsis and green midair cymbidium orchids; white and green king protea; burgundy kangaroo paw and moss.
SDMA Collection: Decorative Pendant (with stand), China, 1736–1795. Jadeite. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Johnson, 1979.4.

Table Lamp (with green daffodil shade) by Tiffany Studios interpreted by Cynthia Garzon

Materials Used: Wooden stand, curly willow, magnolia leaves, white hydrangeas, lily grass, and daffodils.
SDMA Collection: Tiffany Studios, Table Lamp (with green daffodil shade), ca. 1898–1905. Bronze and leaded glass. Gift of Drs. Marshall and Lyda Goldsmith, 2008.367.a-e.

Greek Dance by Carl Paul Jennewein interpreted by Alice Harmon, The Village Garden Club of La Jolla

Materials Used: Pincushion protea, hibiscus petals, twisted dried palm leaves gifted to me from Adrienne Green, Art Alive’s first speaker.
SDMA Collection: Carl Paul Jennewein, Greek Dance, 1924. Silver on polychromed wood base. Gift of Mrs. Henry A. Everett, 1927.84.

Battle Commander by Mori Yoshitoshi interpreted by Anne Heyne

Materials Used: This floral design is comprised of an arching gold ceramic vase embellished with floral and leafy/stalk plant material, paper, and wood. The floral material includes roses, carnations, and bottle brush blooms. The leafy/stalk material include fan palms, smoke tree twigs, and bamboo. It measures 18″ wide x 34″ high.
SDMA Collection: Mori Yoshitoshi, Battle Commander, 1980. Paper. Lawrence and Sally Krause, 2014.23.

Frank Stella by Arnold Newman interpreted by Erika Holly, Independent

Materials Used: Fresh roses, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, delphiniums, carnations, ruscus, and phalaenopsis orchids.
SDMA Collection: Arnold Newman, Frank Stella, 1967. Gelatin silver print. Gift of Cam and Wanda Garner, 2010.108.

Fantastical Building with Angel by Eddie Lee Kendrick interpreted by Beverley Ireland, AIFD, Jasmine Creek Florist

Materials Used: Orange snapdragons, red dianthus, dark flue delphinium, bells of Ireland, yellow craspedia, green trick carnations, bi-color leucadendron, and white oriental lily.
SDMA Collection: Eddie Lee Kendrick, Fantastical Building with Angel, ca. 1992. Colored graphite and oil on paper. Gift of Kurt A. Gitter and Alice Yelen in honor of Maurice and Charmaine Kaplan, 1995.11.

Hawaiian Swimmer by Jean Charlot interpreted by Jeanne Irwin, Point Loma Garden Club

Materials Used: Live florals: Face/body, “golden mustard” roses. Hands: “sunset” roses. Hair: palm seeds and husk with filbert wood, red conebush protea. Fish: “orange flame” and “nightlife” miniature callas.
SDMA Collection: Jean Charlot, Hawaiian Swimmer, 1959. Color lithograph on paper. Gift of Mrs. William Gray Coutts in memory of her husband, 1967.12.

Leopard by Betty Davenport Ford interpreted by Lauren Jones, The Twisted Calla

Materials Used: Cholla, bark, yellow cymbidium orchids, yellow mokara orchids, yellow oncidium orchids, and orange pin cushion protea.
SDMA Collection: Betty Davenport Ford, Leopard, ca. 1951. Ceramic. Bequest of Pliny F. Munger, 1964.236.

Moulin Rouge—La Goulue by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec interpreted by Jamie Wynne Kales, Jamie Wynne Floral

Materials Used: Vintage lampshade with undulations, Queen Anne chair leg, carnations, loofah, calandiva, dried wildflowers, roses, statice, and wild yarrow.
SDMA Collection: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (AKA Henri-Marie-Ramond de Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa), Moulin Rouge—La Goulue, 1891. Lithograph, poster on paper. Gift of the Baldwin M. Baldwin Foundation, 1987.19.

Tea Caddy (with lid and floral design) interpreted by Alma Lazar

Materials Used: Black musk, two types of yellow daisies, cymbidium orchids, and a couple of died leaves with very tiny yellow beads in the center.
SDMA Collection: Tea Caddy (with lid and floral design), Japan, ca. 1960. Lacquered wood. Gift of Isamu Kawaguchi, 2006.166.a-b.

Bust of a Pensive Woman by Wilhelm Lehmbruck interpreted by Lora Lemus

Materials Used: Brown and green stag-horn fern basal and foliar antler fronds, chocolate orchid, seeded eucalyptus, pink peony, purple mum, purple statice, orange ranunculus, lilacs, and yellow coulter.
SDMA Collection: Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Bust of a Pensive Woman, 1913–1914. Processed stone. Bequest of Earle W. Grant, 1972.58.

Untitled by Joan Miró interpreted by June Meehan, Crown Flower Club

Materials Used: Hydrangea, lilac, green trick dianthus, seaweed, and driftwood.
SDMA Collection: Joan Miró, Untitled, 1974. Etching. Gift of Mr. John G. Pickard, 1981.97.

Snow Scene by Shiba Kokan interpreted by Mary Anne Mertz

Materials Used: Locally sourced plant and succulent materials, dusty miller, statice, mosses, and wood flower accents.
SDMA Collection: Shiba Kokan, Snow Scene, 18th century. Colors on silk, hanging scroll. Gift of Edker and Blanche Pope, 1991.123.

Buddha, the Supreme Healer interpreted by Malia Molina, Haviland Franck, Betty Walker and Lori Walton; Florals donated by Bill and Lori Walton Private Garden Collection

Materials Used: Assorted succulents, banana blossom and fruit, protea, cycad seeds, passion fruit blossom, and lava rocks.
SDMA Collection: Buddha, the Supreme Healer, Tibet, 15th century. Opaque watercolor on cotton. Edwin Binney 3rd Collection, 1990.1470.

Profile Canto #IV by Ernest Tino Trova interpreted by Helen O’Hara

Materials Used: Roses, leucospermum, purple statice, and bougainvillea.
SDMA Collection: Ernest Tino Trova, Profile Canto #IV, 1986. Steel plates, epoxy pigment, plated bronze. Bequest of Tania Kleid Sumberg, 2012.32.

Portrait of a Lady by Rosalba Carriera interpreted by Betty Patterson del Sol, Southwestern College Floral Dept.

Materials Used: Muehlenbeckia “wire fern” base, nandina seed, dried sapium, tallow tree berries, senecio, dusty miller, dried hydrangea, and aechmea leaf.
SDMA Collection: Rosalba Carriera, Portrait of a Lady, ca. 1730–1740. Pastel on paper, laid down on canvas. Gift of Anne R. and Amy Putnam, 1949.79.

Untitled by Joan Miró interpreted by Yumi Rakers, Sogetsu San Diego Ikebana, Ikebana International San Diego Chapter, Japanese Friendship Garden

Materials Used: Hydrangea, wax flower, bird of paradise, monstera leaf, and painted Japanese wisteria vine.
SDMA Collection: Joan Miró, Untitled, 1974. Etching. Gift of Mr. John G. Pickard, 1981.97.

Plate-like Orange by Taki Katei (AKA Ryugu, Ken) interpreted by Valli Reed, Ikebana

Materials Used: Queen Ann’s lace, coffee beans, camilla leaves, and oncidum orchids.
SDMA Collection: Taki Katei (AKA Ryugu, Ken), Plate-like Orange, 1894–1898. Woodblock. Bequest of Elsie S. Kimberly, 1966.183.54.

Untitled (Head) by Italo Scanga (AKA Italo Pasquale Bernardo Scanga) interpreted by Kristine Sanchez, Moss & Bloom

Materials Used: Mini heliconia, bromeliads, billy balls, button pom poms, and various tropical foliage.
SDMA Collection: Italo Scanga (AKA Italo Pasquale Bernardo Scanga), Untitled (Head), 1986–1988. Acrylic on cast bronze. Gift of Sharon P. Saunders and William E. Wainess, 1994.104.

Woman with a Rose by Winslow Homer interpreted by Keiko Schneider, Ikenobo School

Materials Used: Aspidistra, anthurium, baby’s breath, snow balls, and rose.
SDMA Collection: Winslow Homer, Woman with a Rose, 1879. Watercolor. Bequest of Mrs. Eda Hurd Lord, 1938.183.

Knickknack Peddler (after Li Song, Song Dynasty Imperial Painter) by Wang Qingsong interpreted by Jean Stewart, Sogetsu School of Ikebana

Materials Used: Small parts of a variety of plants including iris, bird of paradise, asparagus fern, “aureola” forest grass, lobella, coprosma, privet, and succulents.
SDMA Collection: Wang Qingsong, Knickknack Peddler (after Li Song, Song Dynasty Imperial Painter), 2002. Chromogenic print on aluminum. Museum purchase, 2006.266.

Boddhidarma by Katsushika Hokusai interpreted by Joan Thompson

Materials Used: Bamboo, celantro, lobelia, Mexican bush sage, and statice.
SDMA Collection: Katsushika Hokusai, Boddhidarma, 1850–1880. Ink and color. Museum purchase, 1940.6.

Untitled by Victor Vasarely (AKA Gyozo Vasarhelyi) interpreted by Laura Vavrunek

Materials Used: Hydrangeas, carnations, alstroemeria, and palm leaves.
SDMA Collection: Victor Vasarely (AKA Gyozo Vasarhelyi), Untitled, undated. Screenprint. Gift of John and Birgit Ford, 2008.349.

A standing youth in a striped coat by Reza Abbasi interpreted by Carvill Veech, Garden Club

Materials Used: Bottlebrush.
SDMA Collection: Reza Abbasi, A standing youth in a striped coat, ca. 1610. Opaque watercolor on paper. Gift of Edwin Binney 3rd, 1971.66.

Plate interpreted by Deborah Warriner, Master – Ichiyo School of Ikebana

Materials Used: Brown cymbidium orchids, white ranunculas, white hypericum berries, and new photinia leaves.
SDMA Collection: Plate, Spain, 17th century. Ceramic. Museum purchase, 1935.97.

Hinomisaki in Izumo: Souvenirs of Travels by Kawase Hasui interpreted by Tiffiney Welles, Independent

Materials Used: Statis, moss,white coffee beans, iris, hydrangea, mushroom, and rocks.
SDMA Collection: Kawase Hasui, Hinomisaki in Izumo: Souvenirs of Travels, 1924. Woodblock. Gift of Mrs. Clark M. Cavenee, 1946.29.18.