Observe, Interpret, and Create

For Students Grades 3–8

Thank you for your interest in Student Art Workshops. Our workshops are going virtual! Please check back soon to make your requests for the upcoming school year.

Student Art Workshops registrants will receive a digital package with everything needed for an art experience from a distance.

  • Free of charge
  • Virtual video in a pre-recorded format
  • Must be requested online at least two weeks in advance

These FREE in-depth workshops provide an opportunity for students to pair the processes of observing and interpreting art from the Museum’s galleries with the exploratory process of creating art in workshops led by our Museum Educators. Students will begin with an inquiry filled 15-minute video of a docent led virtual tour, designed to allow students to discover and engage with relevant artworks in the Museum’s collection. In a second video students will have the opportunity to create their own artwork in guided 10-minute drawing lesson, instructed by one of the Museum’s professional Museum Educators. All projects are connected to the artistic techniques, concepts, and materials viewed in the galleries.

Each tour and workshop aligns with the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards and California Common Core learning goals for literacy; utilizing critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication.

The digital experience will take about 90 minutes and includes time for art making and reflection.

Students will:

  • Learn to think critically about how to look at, and interpret art
  • Make connections between the artworks on display in the museum and the art they individually create
  • Explore ideas and processes derived from formal art practices
  • Engage in creative expression and create art

Workshop Options:

Persian Tiles

Students will learn about Central & South Asian ceramics and traditional motifs by creating mosaic drawings inspired by Persian Tiles.

Still Life

Students will create a representational drawing by observing objects that tell a story about who they are.


Students will draw self portraits with pencil and paper, or using the subtractive method on scratch board.