February 18, 2023–January 15, 2024

Carlo Miranda exhibition ID

Local artist Carlo Miranda (Filipino-American, b. 1988) showcases ten recent paintings in this intimate exhibition. Miranda’s works were first exhibited in this museum in 2020 as part of a display responding to the pandemic. Working as a registered nurse in San Diego during this time had a profound impact on his use of painting as a way to channel psychological introspection, anxiety, and empathy.

Miranda clarifies: “In my experience as an RN, I have developed a greater understanding of the human condition. I meet people on what could be the worst day of their lives and there’s a sense of honesty that filters through that. My biggest takeaway from my ten years as an RN is the impermanence of health and life. So I believe that we must live our lives with purpose, however big or small that may be, and that kindness goes a very long way.”

These intimate and hyperrealistic portraits, painted in oil on panel, depict those closest to the artist: his family, his friends, his barber. Together they highlight a vibrant community. Largely self-taught, Miranda works in meticulous detail from photographs of his subjects in his North Park studio.

“Sonder” is a term coined by author John Koenig, meaning “the profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passing in the street, has a life as complex as one’s own, which they are constantly living despite one’s personal lack of awareness of it. Each subject has their own story, their own dreams and desires and worries.” For Miranda, this means viewers may develop an empathy toward his subjects or even construct imaginary stories of their lives.


Featured: Carlo Miranda, The Barber (detail), 2022. Oil on panel. Courtesy of the artist.