We invite you to share your own experiences of confinement from the pandemic in response to the works of art presented in Paintings from the Confinement. Your story matters.

Consider the following in your response:

  • Based on what you see, what do you think the artists care about?
  • Do these works relate to your own experience in any way?

Email Forum@SDMArt.org to share something from your own experience of confinement. Responses will be anonymously posted to this page.

Experiences of Confinement

The pandemic was scary and lonely. I appreciate how the artist captures the feeling of isolation.

The artists seem focused on the emotional toll of the past year that we all lived through, but experienced differently.

These works echo the many juxtaposing layers of emotion I would experience, often simultaneously, within the noisy silences of confinement.

The paintings by Marianela de La Hoz stir my still present confusions and concerns for my family, my town, my entire world, as Covid continues to reveal its power in uninvited spaces.

Marianela de la Hoz’s paintings beautifully and whimsically confront the difficult physical and mental challenges faced during the pandemic. The scale intimately draws the viewer in and her vulnerability compels us to connect to her experience and reflect on our own.

Featured at top right: Marianela de la Hoz, 2020, Global Coup d’etat (2020, Golpe de estado global) (detail), 2020. Egg tempera on board. Private collection. Image courtesy of the artist.