SDMA Tutorial Videos


How to edit the Homepage (all encompassing video)
How to update the Homepage Video
How to update the mobile Homepage slideshow
How to edit the Panama 66 Callout
How to update the Google Street View footer
How to edit the Featured Event Slider
How to edit the Bottom Slider
How to edit What’s Going On on Homepage


How to add in Bus Request Information


How to add/edit Exhibitions
How to update Featured Exhibitions Slider

Theme Settings

How to update Theme Settings (all encompassing video)
How to edit General (museum open/map)
How to edit What’s Going On on homepage
How to update Museum Hours
How to add, edit, and update Sidebars
How to edit Store callout


How to add and edit an Event
How Event Tags work
How Feature Events
How to Feature Events on Sidebar

Custom Pages

How to edit Daily Docent Tours
How to update the FAQ 
How to edit the Donate page
How to edit the Panama 66 page

WooCommerce Store