Paint like a Great Master with this stylish and enjoyable Paint by Numbers kit inspired by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. Featuring stunning contemporary designs and vivid palettes, this high-quality, all-inclusive kit offer moments of tranquil inspiration as you let your creativity flow!
Paint a starry night in broad daylight with this fun Paint by Numbers kit. With each swirl and dab of color, you can explore the reaches of your imagination, just like Van Gogh so many years ago!

This kit includes:
8 in x 10 in (20.32 cm x 25.4 cm) preprinted canvas artist board
8 numbered acrylic paint pots (3 ml / 0.10 fl. oz each, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally-friendly)
2 paint brushes (model 2/0 & 3, made of birchwood & gold-plated aluminum tube)
1 line reference sheet
1 color reference card

Other supplies needed (not included):
Bowl of clean water – Use to rinse the brush between colors.
Paper towel or cloth – Use to blot excess water off the brush.

Reminder: Children must be supervised at all times when they paint.

Original artwork shown. Results may vary. Please retain packaging for further reference.

October 18, 2021

White Camera Lens Thermos

Perfect for camera aficionados and photographers on a cold day, or any day. Keep your hot coco or coffee nice and hot with the camera lens jumbo mug. It has all of the technical features that add to its authenticity. It is lined with stainless steel, which helps keep your drinks hot for hours.

Dimensions: 3.4″D x 8.4″H

December 17, 2020

Hand Crafted Folk Art Reindeer

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, our bright and exuberant – and quite popular – reindeer come in stock only once a year, and will certainly brighten up your holiday season!

Our reindeer are hand-made by folk artists in the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, from artisanal hand woven wool and synthetic yarn. Since each reindeer is hand-made, one-by-one, no two are exactly the same. You will receive a reindeer that will look similar, but not exactly like the ones pictured – yet they will be equally as lovely.

Approximately 11 1/2 high x 9 1/2 long x 5 wide

November 30, 2020

The Grand Museum of Art Game

Oh no! The Grand Museum of Art may have to close forever! The Museum Director just jumped ship, leaving behind an enormous hidden deficit.

It’s up to you and your fellow curators to increase visitor attendance and keep the museum running. To do this, you must present grandiose exhibitions that will attract crowds of visitors and fill the museum coffers to save the institution from financial ruin.

The curator with the most popular exhibitions will become the new Museum Director!

This is a fun, simple and beautiful game to play:
– Collect 65 different works of art
– Put together thematic exhibitions
– Make exchanges
– Bid at auctions
– Steal
– Answer trivia questions (smart or silly)

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Small parts. This is not a toy. It is not designed, nor intended for children under the age of 14.

This set resurrects Dalí’s inimitable custom tarot deck from 1984, complete with 184-page booklet that includes:

  • an introduction to Dalí’s life and the project’s making-of
  • a comprehensive explanation of each card’s composition, its meaning, and practical advice
  • step-by-step instructions on how to perform readings

Box: 13″ x 7″ x 3″

Deck: 5.5″ x 3″ x 1″

erform readings

September 29, 2020

Young Rembrandt

Young Rembrandt by Christopher Brown, An Van Camp and Christian Vogelaar This book charts the astonishing transformation spanning from 1624 to 1634, of a young and unpromising artist named Rembrandt in 17th-century Amsterdam and his rise to superstardom and one of the greatest artists of all time. Perhaps surprisingly, there was there was nothing remarkable about his work when he qualified as a painter in 1624. But during the subsequent decade – working in painting, printmaking and drawing – he was relentless in his efforts to improve. By looking over Rembrandt’s shoulder as he learns from his mistakes and experiments with new techniques and subject matter, we can follow the steps by which he established himself as an extraordinary talent.

Softcover, 320 pages, heavily illustrated in color.

September 29, 2020

Rembrandt’s Naked Truth

Rembrandt’s Naked Truth: Drawing Nude Models in the Golden Age, from the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam. In the 1640s in Amsterdam, a pioneering group of artists began drawing directly from the live nude model, including females models. Theses artists not only studied correct anatomy, they also pursued ideal beauty and judicious poses. Rembrandt noted this development, and responded with a further innovation, embracing nature’s imperfections and often leaving his models at ease. The book traces this remarkable artistic confrontation, played out in drawings, paintings and prints of great power and beauty.

Softcover book, 183 pages, heavily illustrated.

A sleek, elegant and modern way to cut down on the countless cords and chargers we hassle with every day. With impeccably tailored pebble-grain Italian leather and high-grade matte aluminum alloy, the Charge:3 is a handsome wireless charger and accessory valet tray.

Its weighted, non-slip design make it perfect for a nightstand, bookshelf, or entryway table. 11″x8″x.6″

For use with iPhone 8 and later, Samsung Galaxy S6 and later, and any other Qi-compatible devices.