Art Alive 2023 Rotunda Floral Installation
by Natalie Gill

Art Alive 2023 rotunda design sketch by Natalie Gill
Sketch of the Art Alive 2023 rotunda floral installation by Natalie Gill.

Vibrant shades of pink, coral, blush, berry and crimson combine to invoke energetic excitement and creative stimulation while balancing with a monochromatic palette, designed to promote a sense of calm and elegance. Abstract shapes and explosions of flowers create an immersive experience of stepping inside and underneath clouds. Flowers drip, cascade, float and melt into one another to create unexpected movement and dimension. The dream-like installation is created using a combination of fresh florals, imported cherry blossoms, dyed reeds bent into tornado shapes, and entangled with garlands of strung flowers.

About Natalie Gill

California-born and raised, Natalie Gill launched Native Poppy, her intrepid flower business in 2014, to bring beauty to life’s important moments, and to make others happy. 

With a deep love for the natural world and creating joyful moments, Natalie has grown her business into a multi-location retail operation and focuses on providing incredible floral design for events of all sizes. She is enamored with the bounty of flowers we can grown locally here in California, whether it’s cosmos from her micro organic flower farm or even tumbleweeds foraged from the roadside here in San Diego. Her obsession with flowers is rivaled only by her love of eating plate after plate after plate of sushi… like seriously, she might be part grizzly bear.

Natalie’s goal as a business owner is to create art that is authentic, ambitious, and true to her artistic point of view. This installation for Art Alive will be her first project after welcoming her daughter into the world in January 2023. She is looking forward to seeing how creating life will change her perspective on how she approaches creating art and hopes it will be with a renewed sense of awe and appreciation for how beautiful life can be.

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