Art Alive 2024 Rotunda Floral Installation
by Meghaa Modi

My installation for Art Alive 2024 at The San Diego Museum of Art celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of India, centered around the revered figure of the sacred cow, known as Kamadhenu. This symbol of prosperity, health, and abundance holds a pivotal place in Indian lore, emerging from the ocean during the mythical churning of the seas. In honoring this theme, my design incorporates antique brass sculptures of Kamadhenu and her calf, emblematic of nourishment and auspiciousness in Indian tradition. The mother cow feeding her calf is not just a symbol of life’s sustenance, but a beacon of good health and abundance. Further accentuating the installation are exquisite brass urns, testament to India’s masterful craftsmanship. Overhead, a cascade of white flowers symbolizes rain, a harbinger of good fortune and divine blessings in Indian culture. This floral rainfall represents the outpouring of positive energy and love, a motif I aim to extend throughout The San Diego Museum of Art. As an artist, each piece I create is an extension of my soul, imbued with deep personal significance. This installation is no exception, aiming to engage multiple senses—sight, smell, and touch—transcending mere visual appeal to offer a holistic sensory experience. It’s my heartfelt wish that visitors will connect with this piece, sharing their emotions and experiences, making their visit a memorable one. Participating in Art Alive is a profound honor, and I eagerly anticipate the joy and good fortune my installation will bring to the Museum and its visitors. This opportunity to blend artistic expression with cultural homage is a true highlight of my career, and I look forward to the impact it will have on all who experience it.

About Meghaa Modi

Floral designer Meghaa Modi creating a floral arrangement

Meghaa Modi is India’s premier concept and event designer. She’s the founder, CEO, and principal designer at Meghaa Modi Design Studio. At the core of Meghaa’s work lies a strong commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable designs, reflecting her deep respect and understanding of nature, honed through her intensive master studies in Ikebana. Her Ikebana training has imbued her with a profound appreciation for nature, which manifests in every design she creates. Her spiritual growth and perception have helped her to visualize designs that would suit her clients’ requirements and bring them to reality. She believes in progress, moving forward, and love energy. She endeavors to ensure that every installation and floral décor sparks joy and touches multiple senses. A certified master from the Ohara School of Ikebana, Tokyo, Meghaa was the youngest master in the world to attend the international Masters’ Seminar at the Ohara school of Ikebana in Tokyo in 2012. Meghaa’s passion for design has taken her around the globe. She has spent years perfecting the art of floral design under some of the world’s finest floral institutions and designers.

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