Museum-Generated Lesson Plans

The Museum’s Education Department has created a series of lesson plans to help introduce art into the classroom. The following lesson plans have been designed to help educators create elaborate classroom activities that will enhance their students’ understanding of works of art at The San Diego Museum of Art. They have been designed to be adaptable to any age group, can be developed from inexpensive materials, and are easy to integrate into a variety of disciplines.

The lessons presented here can be explored solely in the classroom but are best supported with an accompanying field trip to the Museum, and can be used as a resource both before and after the set visit.  Through these lessons, students will be introduced to works of art on view in the galleries, representing a wide array of artistic mediums, styles, and cultures that are most fully experienced in person and through the accompanying projects.

Click on one of the links to view an Adobe Acrobat document, which you can easily print or save for later use.

Each guide includes 3-4 different lesson plans.