Plains Indian Ledger Art from the 19th Century to Now

Alternative Accounts: Plains Indian Ledger Art from the 19th Century to Now focuses on works created by Plains Indians that reveals a transitional form of artistry whose roots lie deeply seeded in ancient tradition. Made with techniques once used to paint on buffalo skins, these works on ledger paper reveal the prevailing artistic traditions of these people.  Reflected in these works is the changing reality of Native American life, from memories of ceremonial grandeur to the effects of mass-relocation and reservation living.  Alternative Accounts offers a rare look at the counter-narrative of America, told through the drawings of its original inhabitants in the face of colonization. This exhibition has been curated by 15 students enrolled in the Representing Native America course at the University of California, San Diego, and is led by Ross Frank, Associate Professor of the Ethnic Studies Department, and Teri Sowell, Visual Arts Department.

Dwayne Wilcox (Oglala Lakota), Budweiser Killed More Indians than Custer, ink and colored pencils, 2010