These galleries display a selection from the more than four thousand works of American art in the Museum’s collection.

Most American art movements are featured with paintings by major artists ranging from Asher B. Durand, Thomas Eakins, Mary Cassatt, George Bellows, and Georgia O’Keeffe, to sculpture by Alexander Calder and Deborah Butterfield. Less familiar artists are also represented including evocative portraits by Frank Duveneck, Charles Hawthorne (right), and Seymour Pearlstein; works by artists who critically examined American society such as Hughie Lee-Smith and Ben Shahn, and detailed images of suburban daily life by San Diego artist Manny Farber. Landscapes trace the history of this country from sublime renderings by Jules Tavernier and Thomas Moran, Impressionistic view by Guy Rose, Charles Reiffel, and William Merritt Chase, to the raw minimalism of Terry DeLapp and ethereal works of Wolf Kahn and Christopher Gerlach.

American watercolors, prints, and drawings can be found in Visible Vaults.

Jules Tavernier, Kilauea Caldera, Sandwich Islands, 1886. Oil on canvas. The San Diego Museum of Art; Purchased with funds provided by Kevin and Tamara Kinsella. 2002.35.