Architecture and Planning at The San Diego Museum of Art and in Balboa Park

Recently, numerous public and private dialogues have addressed the future of Balboa Park, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming 2015 Centennial Celebration. Housed in Gallery One—the future home of the Museum’s Welcome Center—Looking Towards 2015 presents projects that draw attention to smaller, yet no less important, discussions on the future of the Park and the Museum itself.

Balboa Park Centennial Gateway Competition
Inviting participants to re-envision Park Boulevard as the main entrance and gateway into Balboa Park’s cultural sector, the Balboa Park Centennial Gateway Competition is sponsored and organized by the San Diego chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Displayed in Gallery One, a People’s Choice Award will be chosen by a public on-site vote, and announced during a public reception on December 11.

The Balboa Park Studio
If the design for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition helped set the course for Balboa Park’s first 100 years, why shouldn’t architects today help shape its use over the next century? Displayed across from Balboa Park Centennial Gateway Competition entries, this installation presents new designs for the Park from Professor Michael Stepners’ advanced studio class at New School of Architecture and Design.

Public Architecture
In 2012, the Museum undertook major renovations to Gallery One, restoring select features such as vaulted ceilings, oversized windows, and brass doors that closely match the original 1926 design. Since this time, the Museum has hosted small exhibitions and programs in the gallery including Beneath the Moon II: Journey through the City, and the Information Center for Summer Break 2013. In partnership with Public Architecture, the Museum will debut a new Welcome Center in this space in the late spring of 2014. Renderings of this future space are displayed in this installation.