Multimedia artist Nick Roth’s installation Fates is a three-panel animation that draws upon classical mythology to represent the tumult of human life and the struggle to come to terms with mortality. Rendered in a semi-abstract, semi-figurative style, the three Fates—Clotho (“the spinner”), Lachesis (“the allotter”), and Atropos (“the unturnable”)—appear, dissolve, and reconstitute themselves as the ten-minute animation unfolds.

Nick Roth began working on multimedia installations in fine arts museums in 2003 with the artist Matthew Ritchie, whose video work was part of the Museum’s 2015 exhibition The Art of Music. Roth has since worked with Ritchie and other artists at a number of institutions including the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, the Centre Pompidou, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.