Art Alive and the Art of India

Art Alive 2024 is taking inspiration from a special installation from the Museum’s renowned Edwin Binney 3rd Collection of South Asian paintings and will set the theme of the Art Alive weekend. The San Diego Museum of Art is celebrating the Art of India by featuring a cast of lead artists, designers, and musicians at Art Alive that are all of South-Asian descent.

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Art Alive Featured Artists & Partners

Aishwarya and the ATMA Ensemble

Premiere Dinner Featured Musicians
Compilation of five performers from the ATMA Ensemble

ATMA is both an acronym and the Sanskrit word for soul. We are devoted to the legacy of Indian raga and its passionate expressions. Through performance, ATMA Ensemble explores the soul of musical traditions in collaboration with musicians from many cultures. Traditional South Indian music develops from steady drones and wild improvisation. During a performance, the pieces thicken and evolve to meet and elevate the energy of the evening. Featuring principal violinist Aishwarya, the group performs works that blend the range and style of Indian and Western instrumentation and whose insistent pulse provides the fuel for a moving experience.

See Aishwarya and ATMA perform during the Art Alive Premiere Dinner.

Akash Winery and the Patel Family

Premiere Dinner Featured Wine Partner

A family-run winery and vineyard in the heart of Temecula, Akash Winery offers something for every palate. Working alongside renowned winemaker Renato Sais, the Patels craft wines under two distinct labels — one sourced from their meticulously farmed estate vineyards, and the other from neighboring vines grown under the watchful eye of their vineyard crew. The Patel family showcases their award-winning wines in a modern tasting room bustling with events, activities, and an ever-growing following of loyal guests that have come to feel like family. 

Enjoy Akash Winery wines at the Art Alive Premiere Dinner.

Meghaa Modi

Art Alive 2024 Rotunda Designer
Floral designer Meghaa Modi creating a floral arrangement

Meghaa Modi is India’s premier concept & event designer. She’s the founder, CEO and Principal Designer at Meghaa Modi Design Studio. At the core of her work lies a strong commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable designs, reflecting her deep respect and understanding of nature, honed through her intensive Master studies in Ikebana. Her Ikebana training has imbued her with a profound appreciation for nature, which manifests in every design she creates. Her spiritual growth and perception have helped her to visualize designs that would suit her clients’ requirements and bring them to reality. She believes in progress, moving forward and love energy. She endeavors to ensure that every installation and floral décor sparks joy and touches all the senses.

Meghaa is the featured Art Alive 2024 Rotunda Designer. See Meghaa’s large-scale floral design throughout Art Alive weekend in the Museum rotunda.

Chef Saransh Oberoi

Premiere Dinner Featured Chef
Chef Saransh Oberoi

Raised in a culinary family, Chef Saransh Oberoi grew up learning and trying to understand food and the arts. His father, Chef Hemant Oberoi, is a legend in India and has cooked for and with the who’s who of India, dignities from across the world, and many International personalities. Starting at the age of 16, his dream was to work and learn from the top Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants across the globe and then one day open restaurants with his dad in every part of the world. He went to New York to get a degree at the Culinary Institute of America and then went to London, New York, DC, SF, Mumbai, Sydney (Australia), and then back as the sous chef of Campton Place SF. He went on to “Beat Bobby Flay” in 2020. His current restaurant is Curry & More Indian Bistro with locations in San Marcos, Rancho Bernardo, and Oceanside.

DJ Pratik

Bloom Bash Featured Musician
DJ Pratik mixing music with wine barrels in background

DJ Pratik has nearly 20 years of professional entertainment experience, specializing in luxury events and weddings. He started his career in nightlife in New York City and quickly transitioned to performing private events at venues such as Cipriani on Wall Street and mansion weddings in the Hamptons. Pratik now resides in SoCal and has been blending his entertainment style from the East-Coast with his new home in the West-Coast. DJ Pratik has performed globally in 10 countries and has been featured on Vogue and Brides magazines for weddings in Turkey and Italy. In addition to DJing and MCing, he can throw down on the Bhangra Dhol as well.

Hear DJ Pratik spin during Bloom Bash, the opening 21+ party to Art Alive weekend.

Kavita Rao & Karmagraphy

Bloom Bash Featured Performer

Kavita Rao, Artistic Director and founder of Karmagraphy produces distinctive contemporary dance styles. Internationally and regionally renowned for her choreography and teaching abilities, she conjures out of her world travels characteristics of Eastern and Western dance. Signed with one of LA’s top dance agencies, Go2Talent, Rao has been featured in numerous live shows, music videos, films, commercials, and television shows as a dancer. Her choreographic work includes projects for the NBA, NFL Draft, Disney Channel, Netflix, TBS, NBC, Six Flags, and Apple TV to name a few, and musical artists such as Vidya Vox, Snoop Dog, Esther Anaya, Joji, and more. Rao is also a master educator and professor and has taught all over the world and continues to do so.
Karmagraphy is a full-service entertainment company that specializes in the most innovative choreography with customized performances to create an unforgettable sensory experience. Our entertainers come from all over the world and their expertise in a plethora of styles makes for a world-class event. Founded in 2009, Karmagraphy has performed for all types of events spanning from corporate to special occasions as well as traveled nationally and internationally. Clients include Google, Kaiser, We TV, Telemundo, Pixar, Dreamworks, Loubiton, Youtube and more.

Experience the performance by Karmagraphy during Bloom Bash, the opening 21+ party to Art Alive weekend.

Nisha K. Sethi

Bloom Bash Featured Contemporary Artist
Nisha K. Sethi sitting in front of yellow art print

Nisha K. Sethi is an Artist / Activist currently working as a professional Sign Painter. Early on, Nisha developed a passion for typography and was deeply influenced by childhood trips to India where she was exposed to the fascinating world of hand-painted film posters. Back home in the Bay Area, Nisha was brought up in the graffiti scene, gravitating towards street art with powerful messages. She continues to create work that speaks to her hybrid identity and is currently creating alongside her Oakland-based artist crew Trust Your Struggle Collective. She is also a printmaker and clothing designer where her work is manifested into wearable art. Nisha’s bold neon beveled letters pay homage to Indian Sign Painters while spelling out messages for a better, brighter future.

Nisha’s art installation will be on view during Bloom Bash and throughout Art Alive weekend on the Plaza de Panama in front of the Museum.

Tejal Shah and Henna San Diego

Bloom Bash Featured Artist
bridal couple's hands with mehndi henna on hands and arms

Tejal Shah is a passionate artist and entrepreneur with a vibrant journey rooted in the cultural tapestry of Mumbai, India. Born and raised in the bustling city, Tejal discovered her artistic inclination at a young age, fueled by the rich traditions of henna practiced in her large family during weddings and celebrations. She pursued graphic design in India before migrating to the United States in 1994. In 2008, the world of henna (mehndi) presented itself, and Tejal seized the chance to turn her passion into a flourishing business. Starting small, Tejal established her own henna business, Henna San Diego, which has since evolved into a thriving venture with a dedicated team of skilled artists. Over the years, the business has grown, becoming a canvas for intricate designs that add beauty and tradition to special occasions.

See Tejal in action and get your own henna design applied at Bloom Bash, the opening 21+ party to Art Alive weekend.

Vani Shiroor and DOTURMINDS

Art Alive Featured Artist
Vani Shiroor at table smiling and doing rangoli sand art
Rangoli sand art

Vani Shiroor, a certified mindfulness coach and the founder of DOTURMINDS (Dot Your Minds), was born in India and rediscovered the love for the lost art of rangoli here in the United States at the age of 44 years old. She aims to guide participants to hone the skill of being here in the now through the ancient Indian sand art called kolam or rangoli. She currently teaches the art of letting go using the process of rangoli to teens with depression and individuals who benefit from slowing down in life to relieve their stress and anxiety.

Experience live rangoli art at Bloom Bash and try it for yourself with the guidance of DOTURMINDS instructors at the Art Alive Garden of Activities.

Umair Zubair

Bloom Bash Featured Musician
Umair “DJ Riamu" Zubair

Umair “DJ Riamu” Zubair, started his career in Philadelphia PA, where he was DJ’ing house parties and quickly moved into premier DJ at local clubs spinning the latest freestyle and house music. After graduating college with a degree in Engineering, he gave up his corporate career because he realized that music was his passion. After 30 years in the music business, he has played music at some of the most prodigious venues globally and he is now the preferred Indian DJ, based in Southern California, for some of the most recognizable Hollywood/Bollywood celebrities. He continues to rock crowds and travels to some of the top Indian weddings and events all over the world. He also mentors and teaches younger musicians in the industry as lead DJ and EMCEE at Riamu Entertainment.

Hear DJ Riamu during Bloom Bash, the opening 21+ party to Art Alive weekend.

Featured at top right: Lalji Mal, The Mughal Prince Abu Nasir Mu’in ud-din Muhammad Akbar Shah II receives Saadat Ali Khan, Nawab of Oudh, in darbar (detail), India, 1803. Opaque watercolor on paper, mounted on an album page. Edwin Binney 3rd Collection, 1990.392.